We have chosen to call our igloos SNØHUS. We currently have two different versions of the igloo.

Big Snøhus Igloo

We have created a 360⁰ observatory for nature, or for the surroundings. The igloo only leaves a mark on the people who experience it.

The large igloo is basically designed as a spacious "hotel room", where you will have room for a bed, as well as some other furniture and a heating/cooling source. It is very special to sit safe and warm in the front row behind 5 mm polycarbonate when nature plays up to a concert.

The igloo is also used in various contexts such as meeting place, pop up stage, restaurant or conference room, for nurseries, events and various health purposes, or for exhibitions and/or events for teams and associations.

Igloo Service

Norwegian eye assists if desired throughout the project. From the design of drawings and engineering, to applications and completion.

We deliver total solutions for accommodation and businesses.

Safe, durable and sustainable

Inspired by techniques used by the Inuit for centuries, snow houses are designed to perfection. It withstands the most extreme weather conditions. We do not use ice as a resource, but the most durable and sustainable polycarbonate. Its properties surpass ice, glass and steel. The material is 100% recyclable. No foundation. No footprint.


Snøhus are adapted to different climates, and can withstand a lot of weather and variations in temperature. It can be left outside in nature for a long time, in sun, rain, heat or frost. From warm, delicious summer days to cold, windy winter days.

The round shape is based on the traditional igloo and gamma shape that has been used by people on the Nordkalotten for several thousand years. The shape means that strong gusts of wind find nowhere to take hold, and that the wind therefore easily slips over. Utilizing multiple experiences provides new advantages in this modern igloo.

Big Snøhus Igloo

Technical information about the igloo:

Dimensions: 215 square feet, 16.4 feet in diameter,

7.76 feet high

0.2 inches polycarbonate.

Insulation in floor 3.94 inches Rockwool

Weight: about 1653 pounds.

The igloo can withstand 26 feet of snow load. It can withstand a lot of weather. Also hurricane force winds.

How is an igloo built?

An igloo consists from the top of; a roof with a valve. 12 plates in polycarbonate which are attached to the ceiling and floor. The floor consists of 12 "pieces of cake" with a joining circle in the middle. The floor consists of a water-resistant floorboard. It is insulated with 3.94 inches of Rockwool and a layer of air. Above there is a veneer top plate. The floor is self-supporting. The igloo is screwed together with acid-resistant screws.

There are four valves in the igloo


We need a relatively flat, stable surface to mount the igloo. The terrain and personal wishes in the project will often determine the type of foundation. The most common is to make a foundation similar to a terrace on which the igloo stands. It is important to attach the igloo securely to the ground.


We recommend a heat pump for heating and cooling the igloo, when you have access to electricity. Otherwise, you can use any type of heat source. Electricity, pellet stove, wood stove, gas stove with pipe or possibly fossil fuel.


Furnishing according to your own wishes and needs. Norwegian eye can assist with furnishing if desired (See Snøhus Service)


The igloo comes with 12 dense curtains that block out the view.


When buying a complete igloo, transport from the factory to the assembly site (driveable road) is included.


Norwegian Eye has its own carpenters/fitters who set up the igloo. It takes 2-4 days to assemble an igloo.


Depending on the location and use, the construction you want sometimes has to be applied for. Norwegian Eye is happy to assist in the process. We have very good partners we use who have specialist expertise in the field. The team is at your disposal if desired.


Arla Plast (which supplies the plates) has a 2-year guarantee on cracking and yellowing. The laboratory test corresponds to 20 years without change.

Norwegian Eye as guarantees in the usual way the rest of the delivery. (Terms in purchase contract)

Areas of Use

Big Snøhus Igloo

Snøhus igloo in tourism

The igloo was initially built as a hotel room while also being a personal observatory. The goal is to give the guest an experience of extreme presence.

The investment cost is low compared to the potential earnings. Our customers make money.

Snøhus igloos for events

For organizers and sponsors who participate in fairs, festivals, events etc. a solid igloo will give a lot of attention and visibility at the event. It is possible to rent igloos for large and small events. We take care of all the practical things. Up and down rigging by agreement.

Profiling as desired. We ensure rigging up and down at the agreed time.

Snøhus igloos in public spaces

As a meeting place and a place to seek shelter. On green roofs, in parks, for outdoor areas in condominiums, for teams and associations etc.

Snøhus igloo concept

Vi har valgt å kalle leveransen av totalentreprise for Snøhus iglo konsept.

We arrange everything from pre-projects, planning, necessary applications, preparation of land, plot and outdoor area, to assembly and furnishing. From your idea to a turnkey facility. We arrange everything.

Snøhus extra

We can help if you want to make a treetop cabin with an igloo in the treetops.

Small Snøhus igloo

Igloo for house and cabin

The world's coolest barbecue hut? Annex, private lounge for you and your friends or an extra bedroom. What do we know?

The igloo is designed to be kept in the garden at home or at the cabin. The igloo will become the new natural gathering point for family and friends.

Igloo as sauna

We have created a sauna concept where you have a 360° view of the world, while enjoying the warmth. The glass in the sauna is foiled with mirrors that prevent visibility.

Igloo concept

We help you if you want to put the igloo on a boat, on a quay or a floating jetty, or as a treetop cabin. Other ideas?

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