Areas of Use

Big Snøhus Igloo

Snøhus igloo in tourism

The igloo was initially built as a hotel room while also being a personal observatory. The goal is to give the guest an experience of extreme presence.

The investment cost is low compared to the potential earnings. Our customers make money.

Snøhus igloos for events

For organizers and sponsors who participate in fairs, festivals, events etc. a solid igloo will give a lot of attention and visibility at the event. It is possible to rent igloos for large and small events. We take care of all the practical things. Up and down rigging by agreement.

Profiling as desired. We ensure rigging up and down at the agreed time.

Snøhus igloos in public spaces

As a meeting place and a place to seek shelter. On green roofs, in parks, for outdoor areas in condominiums, for teams and associations etc.

Snøhus igloo concept

Vi har valgt å kalle leveransen av totalentreprise for Snøhus iglo konsept.

We arrange everything from pre-projects, planning, necessary applications, preparation of land, plot and outdoor area, to assembly and furnishing. From your idea to a turnkey facility. We arrange everything.

Snøhus extra

We can help if you want to make a treetop cabin with an igloo in the treetops.

Small Snøhus igloo

Igloo for house and cabin

The world's coolest barbecue hut? Annex, private lounge for you and your friends or an extra bedroom. What do we know?

The igloo is designed to be kept in the garden at home or at the cabin. The igloo will become the new natural gathering point for family and friends.

Igloo as sauna

We have created a sauna concept where you have a 360° view of the world, while enjoying the warmth. The glass in the sauna is foiled with mirrors that prevent visibility.

Igloo concept

We help you if you want to put the igloo on a boat, on a quay or a floating jetty, or as a treetop cabin. Other ideas?