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Enjoy the nature around you with a clear conscience - snøhus

Through generations, the igloo has acquired its shape and distinctive features, and has since then proven its strength in terms of quality and aesthetics.

Today's modern materials have enabled our royal idea to create a unique "living room" that will withstand everything nature can throw at it and at the same time retain comfort.

Our desire was to create a product, snøhus, which allowed you to be formally at one with the nature around you. We wanted to make it possible for you to sit in the front row when nature takes the stage on all sides around you, in all seasons.

We have replaced the solid blocks of snow from the time of the Inuit with an "unbreakable" recyclable material that we are the only ones to use, and which gives you a limitless view towards a horizon that you can decide for yourself.

Welcome to Norwegian Eye - welcome to snøhus and 360 degree views.

Snøhus – designed by nature

There are many of us who collect good experiences, where the common denominator is nature, sustainability and gentle traffic. Our contribution, snow house, which better than anyone gives you a feeling of being in the middle of nature... So close that you can literally touch it. And should you be lucky enough to experience a really stormy day, all you have to do is enjoy yourself in a Norwegian Eye Igloo.

Designed and built with arctic expertise

We, who are behind this, come from the northernmost region. We know what nature can put up with, and what it takes to survive in it.

Our igloo is designed to withstand the toughest forces of nature, and at the same time provide the ultimate inside experience when mother earth rattles her saber outside.

Sit back and enjoy.

Yes please, both

It was the northern lights we had in mind when we designed the largest igloo. It should be experienced as spacious and airy, and at the same time so solid that it could handle an arctic storm, and still provide the best comfort. The result was an igloo with a multitude of uses where only the imagination sets limits.

An urban jungle

In urban areas where office buildings or blocks have flat roofs, a snow house igloo will be a perfect meeting point for colleagues or co-owners. A pleasantly furnished igloo of 20m2 with green plants can be a particularly important psychosocial contribution, a different "meeting room".. A room where you can mentally prepare.


Hearts in the Ice

Environmental awareness.

An ocean of knowledge, ideas and mood around sustainability, the environment.


«Guaranteed tough»

A reliable partner on the toughest construction sites in all kinds of weather.

Arla Plast

World-leading producer of polycarbonate. Makes the world's clearest polycarbonate, which we use in our igloos.

Arla Plast AB started recycling more than 30 years ago.


Our factory in Lithuania with eminent management and craftsmen who make the impossible possible