Snøhus are adapted to different climates, and can withstand a lot of weather and variations in temperature. It can be left outside in nature for a long time, in sun, rain, heat or frost. From warm, delicious summer days to cold, windy winter days.

The round shape is based on the traditional igloo and gamma shape that has been used by people on the Nordkalotten for several thousand years. The shape means that strong gusts of wind find nowhere to take hold, and that the wind therefore easily slips over. Utilizing multiple experiences provides new advantages in this modern igloo.

Snow houses are made of a modern plastic material, polyethylene. This material has several advantages, primarily that it is very strong. The best polyethylene has a fantastic quality, and is referred to as bulletproof glass. The light weight comes from the fact that thin materials are used, which makes the walls clear and transparent. The walls consist of several modules. When they are put together, it becomes like a nice curved membrane, in a shape that can be compared to the shape of an eye.

The production of the thin, solid "skin" and the insulated wooden floor is artisanal work that requires millimeter precision. Both the floor and the walls consist of several light modules. Something that makes the igloo moveable. Each part is precisely cut and screwed together. Quality is in focus. Solid silicone strips are applied to the joints.

The clear view means that being inside the igloo feels like being outside with an unobstructed view of sky phenomena such as the magical northern lights and changing seasons. If the need for some privacy arises, or the sun gets strong, just pull up the custom-made roller blinds that come with the delivery.

With Snøhus, you get an extra outdoor room, which can be furnished as required.

Big Snøhus

Small Snøhus