Our igloos leave a big mark on human souls who stay in the igloo, but almost no mark on the terrain and the product itself is 100% recyclable.

We are proud to be the supplier on the market that delivers an igloo that is sustainable in all respects:

The glass-clear dome – 5 or 3 mm polycarbonate. After many years of use and wear and tear, the plates can be repainted and used for new plates! The solid screws that hold everything together are acid-resistant steel screws. The door has a framework in solid wood and otherwise the clear glass surfaces.

The floor is solid wood and the insulation in the floor is stone wool.

It is Arla Plast in Sweden that produces the plates. Here is what they say about their production and their sustainability profile.

Environmental Certification

We are in the process of environmental certification Miljøfyrtårn (lit. Environmental Lighthouse), a Norwegian certification.

What do users think?

Our customers, partners and our guests are all concerned with sustainability and we have chosen our partners based on the same set of values.

Here are excerpts from some of the feedback from guests who have stayed in our igloos here in Norway (References Airbnb and Airbnb):

“A magical place worth the money. Taking glamping to a new level. Must be experienced!”

"An unusual New Year's celebration. What a magical way to enter the new year.
We arrived in the rain, went to bed wrapped in snow and woke up to sunshine. Thank you very much for an unforgettable experience. Highly recommended!”

"Highly recommended!"

"Had an absolutely amazing stay at GoldenEye North! When you first see the dome, you realize that this will be something out of the ordinary, and the impression upon departure is that this is actually almost impossible to surpass.

Lying inside the dome and looking out at the weather and the formidable view is truly unique. When it starts to snow at night, and the snow settles outside the dome, it feels a bit like being inside a snowball. Then the snow melts again, and you get orchestra space for the full moon early in the morning, priceless!” 🤩

"Wonderful stay in lovely surroundings - an experience out of the ordinary to be so close to nature and weather".

“This is a wonderful place to relax and connect with the moment. It is a different nature experience, where you are inside but with a full view of the sea and sky. We were lucky and got to feel the forces of nature, in that there was strong wind and a lot of rain when we were there!"